Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ChaCha's Taco Scramble

It's Taco Tuesday!!! 
I am a huge breakfast fan and love a hearty breakfast. I just happen to have some leftover taco meat and came up with this delicious recipe for breakfast - Taco Migas (migas are fried corn tortillas scrambled with eggs). This is very easy to do and took me only about 10-15 minutes for 3 servings. You can make as much or little as you like by scaling up or down the ingredients. There is no set recipe here! 

I start with a hot skillet and saute my torn strips of corn tortillas, onions, and peppers until soften and  golden. 
I then added the taco meat and heated through combing all together. 
Then pour over you beaten eggs - for a full skillet I used 6.  Stir together to fully cook and scramble eggs. 
I topped mine with tomatoes, guacamole, and cheese, but you can top with whatever you like!
Try salsa, taco sauce, chili, more onions, or sour cream- the possibilities are endles!!

I hope you enjoyed your Taco Tuesday recipe! Let me know if you tried it! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free Sample of Gevalia Coffee in K-cups (*While supplies last)

Head on over and like the Gevalia Facebook page to sign up for a free sample of their coffee in a K-cup. These will certainly go quickly!