Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Sweet Find

On our way home from dinner last night, we drove through Maumee (on the outside of Toledo) and a new store front caught our eye. It was lit up and decorated for Valentine's Day with all sorts of sweet treats and confections. We had to check it out, so we turned the car around and went in. It was a classic chocolate and candy gift shop with a full display of fresh chocolates and truffles.

Maumee Valley Chocolate & Candy is located in historic uptown Maumee and is locally owned and operated by Stephanie and Jeff Anderson. The atmosphere inside the store is amazing. Everywhere you turn, there is a candy or treat display that is mouth watering. They have everything from fresh made chocolates, nuts, mints, cotton candy, flavored popcorn, to the classic penny candies and Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans.

We walked out with several different caramels, chocolates, and candies. I also grabbed quite a few salt water taffy flavors. All the confections were neatly boxed in red boxes. I enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake filled chocolate on my ride home, and it was delicious!! It was milk chocolate filled with cheese cake filling and strawberry puree- melts right in your mouth! I would suggest to get more than one because you will want to keep eating them. We also got the mints, cashew turtles, sea salt caramels, irish cream balls, and chocolate covered strawberries. It was all AMAZING!

The strawberries were as good as they looked :)

The turtles can be pecan or cashew in your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

I suggest that everyone stop in to Maumee Valley Chocolate & Candy in Maumee. It is on the corner of Conant St. and Wayne St. with the bright red awning. Also check out their website and Facebook page to find out more about their party and gift displays. I love supporting local business and this is definitely on my "favorites" list.
Click Maumee Valley Chocolate & Candy to go to their website. Have a sweet day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smile With Me Saturday

There is always something to smile about on Saturday- Today I am smiling about all the new blog friends I have made. My blog is slowly growing and I am excited about each milestone as if it was one of my children's. Hopefully today is the day I break into double digits with followers via Google Friend Connect. That will make date night tonight with the Hubs that much sweeter!!
I know most of us are dealing with snow, but why not make the most of it this weekend? Sledding, ice skating, snowboarding- what's your pleasure? Maybe it is a snow man or snow fort made with all that idle Tupperware that sits in the bottom cupboard. Don't like the cold outdoors? Try a family game night in with hot cocoa and homemade brownies. What ever you choose to do, a big pot of soup or stew will sure warm your insides and comfort the family. My favorite? Potato ham chowder with broccoli!! Yum-E!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and if you are Saturday blog hopping, please leave a comment on what you plan on doing this weekend! Enjoy- in case you haven't noticed, there are only 3 days left in January.......

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The End or the Beginning?

I have mixed emotions about today.... I submitted my last classroom participation post today through my online course. I have successfully finished a 2 year degree. WoW! Some days you think it will never come, but it is here now. I want to continue on for my bachelor's degree but I also have a couple amazing opportunities ahead of me career wise. I need to make a decision soon so I don't fall behind in my plan this year... I planned out a big year for myself.

Just for this evening, I am just going to push my decision aside and enjoy the accomplishment with a celebratory glass of wine. My family sacrificed quite a bit for me to go back to school, but it was worth every moment of it. I was determined to finish and start a new career path and it just goes to show you that anything is possible with hard work and determination. I am 38 so it is never too late!!

What are your life's ambitions and how are you going to fulfill them?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Maggi Soup Sample

This is one of my favorite brands to cook with and I love their products. Here is a chance to try them for free and see if you like them.

Go here:

My family recipe for Mexican rice uses Maggi Chicken flavor and Tomato Boullion or Caldo Sabor a Tomate y Pollo as we call it. It is very convenient to have the tomato flavor in a boullion cube, it enhances the recipe so much!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chugging Right Along in 2011

I am happy to say that the goals I have set for myself for 2011 are surprisingly moving in the right direction. I am a firm believer in goals and the power of writing them down or saying them out loud. I have plans on making 2011 a great year for myself and my family with changes in career, lifestyle, socializing, parenting, and residence. I know it is a lot for one year, but I am feeling really motivated and ready (more than ready) for some life changes that will impact all of us positively. It is exciting and intimidating all at the same time, but I am liking this rush. Just to give you all an idea of some of my goals this year, I will list a few right now:

**Career Change, I am going to pursue my dream of writing or consulting- No time like the present, right?

**Self Image Makeover, I am actively participating in activities and classes that will improve my self image and increase my marketability in my chosen career path.

**Time Management and Organization, I am looking to make my life easier and more enjoyable so I can spend more time with my family (#1).

**Going to Actively Promote Pay it Forward, The best feeling in the world is when you can make someone else's day. Everyone should commit to a random act of kindness daily.

**Investing in Friendships, Friends and family is what makes my world go around. I have neglected nurturing some of my very dear friendships and I am going to change that this year. I can proudly say that my oldest friend has been there since we were 4- that is a friendship/sisterhood that has lasted 34 years!! I want to make it another 34 years! I also have new friendships that I would love to grow as well. There are so many genuine people in my life right now and I would like to keep them around.

Those are only a smidgen of my goals for 2011. I have so many more and I will share them randomly. Please comment below on what your goals for 2011 are or what you hope to accomplish. We can help each other stay on track :)

Know what you want and go for it!! Goals are the GPS to your future!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

My post for Tackle it Tuesday is a little late, but I did good!! I wanted to purge the house of clothes and toys and got half of it done. I bagged up my daughter's clothes that no longer fit her and gave them to 3 other very special growing baby girls. It was a trip down memory lane to see some of her infant outfits that were our favorites. I also came across several outfits and pairs of shoes that she never even got to wear because they were off season. They even still had the tags on!! It felt good to know that her clothes were going to be used and not just dumped in a donation bin.

Now, on to my clothes. No emotional ties really, but I did purge my closet that contained clothes from the early 90's- YIKES!! And yes, some of those still had the tags on! There were too many clothes to bag, so we backed up the SUV and opened the tailgate. These, as outdated as they were, DID go to the donation bin. I hope someone enjoys the long sweater dress and satin sheen blouses.

Toys will have to wait til next week.....

Coffee Break

Every now and then I need a moment to vent or catch up. This is my coffee break for life. I actually love coffee and the fun gadgets that are available for home brewing and coffee creations. I am not a coffee snob- I like it hot, iced, tall, short, skinny or fat! I love trying different roasts and blends, my current favorite is the Hawaiian Kona blend. I also must confess that I am a cream and sweetener girl. I wish International Delight would bring back the Sweet Butter Cream (hint-hint)

I gave my favorite coffee mug to my sister (it went with a set of dishes) so I am currently on the hunt for a new one. I like the bigger mug style with the flaired lip but not too heavy- not too much to ask for, right? Above is the picture of my long gone mug, I have switched to the multi colored Fiesta Ware and have not found a coffee mug yet that blends with the style or colors. If you know of a great place to search for mugs, let me know. Until then I will patiently sip my coffee from my travel mug.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I love this picture of my daughter playing with her "first" chopsticks and pretend sushi roll that my sister got her for Christmas. My sister knows how much I love sushi and found a friend who made my daughter a play set that includes fish, maki rolls, wontons, chopsticks, and more all packed in a Chineese take out box. Love it!