Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smile With Me Saturday

There is always something to smile about on Saturday- Today I am smiling about all the new blog friends I have made. My blog is slowly growing and I am excited about each milestone as if it was one of my children's. Hopefully today is the day I break into double digits with followers via Google Friend Connect. That will make date night tonight with the Hubs that much sweeter!!
I know most of us are dealing with snow, but why not make the most of it this weekend? Sledding, ice skating, snowboarding- what's your pleasure? Maybe it is a snow man or snow fort made with all that idle Tupperware that sits in the bottom cupboard. Don't like the cold outdoors? Try a family game night in with hot cocoa and homemade brownies. What ever you choose to do, a big pot of soup or stew will sure warm your insides and comfort the family. My favorite? Potato ham chowder with broccoli!! Yum-E!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and if you are Saturday blog hopping, please leave a comment on what you plan on doing this weekend! Enjoy- in case you haven't noticed, there are only 3 days left in January.......

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