Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

My post for Tackle it Tuesday is a little late, but I did good!! I wanted to purge the house of clothes and toys and got half of it done. I bagged up my daughter's clothes that no longer fit her and gave them to 3 other very special growing baby girls. It was a trip down memory lane to see some of her infant outfits that were our favorites. I also came across several outfits and pairs of shoes that she never even got to wear because they were off season. They even still had the tags on!! It felt good to know that her clothes were going to be used and not just dumped in a donation bin.

Now, on to my clothes. No emotional ties really, but I did purge my closet that contained clothes from the early 90's- YIKES!! And yes, some of those still had the tags on! There were too many clothes to bag, so we backed up the SUV and opened the tailgate. These, as outdated as they were, DID go to the donation bin. I hope someone enjoys the long sweater dress and satin sheen blouses.

Toys will have to wait til next week.....

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