Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coffee Break

Every now and then I need a moment to vent or catch up. This is my coffee break for life. I actually love coffee and the fun gadgets that are available for home brewing and coffee creations. I am not a coffee snob- I like it hot, iced, tall, short, skinny or fat! I love trying different roasts and blends, my current favorite is the Hawaiian Kona blend. I also must confess that I am a cream and sweetener girl. I wish International Delight would bring back the Sweet Butter Cream (hint-hint)

I gave my favorite coffee mug to my sister (it went with a set of dishes) so I am currently on the hunt for a new one. I like the bigger mug style with the flaired lip but not too heavy- not too much to ask for, right? Above is the picture of my long gone mug, I have switched to the multi colored Fiesta Ware and have not found a coffee mug yet that blends with the style or colors. If you know of a great place to search for mugs, let me know. Until then I will patiently sip my coffee from my travel mug.


  1. I'm also looking for the perfect mug. It's out there I just know it!!!

  2. Someone needs to create a coffee lover's type store- With brewers, beans, and accessories. Hey, it can be called Brewers and Beans!! LOL!!