Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Was Your Little One a "Squiggle Wiggle"?

My daughter has recently been potty trained, but I remember diaper days quite well. My grandson is still in Pull-ups so I am still dealing with a "squirmy" tot on the go during diaper change time. It can pose quite a challenge sometimes when your little one is more focused on exploring and playing rather than changing his/her diaper. I used to tell my daughter she was a squiggle worm or Squiggle Wiggles. My grandson is my little booger boo. All my kids had different nicknames for being squirmy when they were babies, it is fun to reflect on those days- always makes me smile.

I can remember having to get my daughters favorite stuffed bear and distracting her with it while I changed her diaper. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. She would wiggle and roll and try to get away from me. I have had to change outfits more times than I can count and she has also took off running without her diaper on. The best tip I have is to be quick and have everything ready. If your child is interested in music, wind up a toy or sing to them. Maybe that will give you the 1.3 minutes needed for a quick change. I always tried to change my kids in the same place so they knew it was time for business and not play. A changing table comes in handy and has all supplies readily available, but a squirmy baby may need to be changed on a bed for easier control.

Huggies has now come out with a new slip on style diaper that allows you to change your little bee-bopper while they are still dancing. I love this idea! Once my kids learned how to stand on their own, they didn't want to lay still for a diaper change anymore. The new quick change Little Movers slip on diapers from Huggies also have tear away sides for easy changing of soiled diapers. It now makes changing your little squiggle worm a bit easier and quicker.

I am thinking of all the times I had to change my daughter on a counter or my lap because there were no changing stations available. These Little Movers slip on diapers from Huggies would sure have come in handy!! Not to mention, avoiding those nasty stations all together when possible. I sure would have bought these for my kids that are now grown.

What are some of the nicknames you have for active little one? I would love to hear them! Also leave any diaper changing tips here to share with others.

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