Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowed In: First Winter Storm 2014

I live in Northwest Ohio and love the four seasons. But winter is getting to be one of my least favorites as I get older. I try to remember and remind myself how much I loved snow and staying home as a kid, so I made the best of it with my kids during our 3 day shut in with the kiddos.
We made a snowman. (This is a must when the snow packs just right). We put my older son's Navy hat on as a tribute to him overseas. At the beginning of the storm, the temperature stayed around 32 degrees so it was not bitter cold. Yet. 
Then we made a small sled hill with the snow from the drive. Trying to get my daughter in the house after this was nearly impossible! But she loved it. 
As an incentive to go into the house, we ate homemade pizzas.
.... And watched it snow more.
And more.... into the night. 

I believe we ended up with close to 12 or more inches. Day 2 and 3 were not as fun with the wind chills reaching around -35-40 below zero!!! After being bound to our house from Sunday to Wednesday (because of the order to stay off the roads by authorities) we had just a touch of  "cabin fever". Roads are still a bit troublesome, but not impassable. Work for some resumed. As for me and the kids, they had another no school day and I chose to stay home with them. I am happy to say my kitchen got some much needed organization and I depleted some of my freezer stock. We did not fight crowds for bread, eggs, milk, etc., I am usually well stocked all the time. It was reported that all the stores had ran out of potatoes, produce, meat, milk, and bread on Saturday prior! 

Did any of you experience the "Polar Vortex" as they called it? What do you do on snow days?

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